Boutique hotel La Bandada is only 80 km from the International Airport, «Ministro Pistarini», locally known as «Ezeiza», like the city where it is located. Almost the whole trip will be done on the highway. Depending on the traffic, the trip takes around an hour.

You can take the route from Minister Pistarini international airport (known as «Ezeiza») to La Bandada Hotel by car.


Grace Lopez
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As we are often around the farm at a distance from reliable wifi and mobile coverage, we recommend using e-mail as a better option for communication:
[email protected]

GPS coordinates
Latitude: -35.4797058
Longitude: -58.6989746

Buenos Aires

Capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires possesses a fascinating history, boasting stunning architecture and the origins of iconic figures such as Eva Peron and Julio Cortazar.

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The biggest religious town

Lujan is the biggest religious pilgrimage spot in Argentina because of its Basilica, visited by thousands of parishioners during the whole year. Our Lady of Lujan is the Patroness of Argentina.

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San Antonio de Areco

Town in the pampas

With no doubts, San Antonio de Areco is the Guacho’s sanctuary, one of the most ancient and typical populations of the argentinian countryside. of the Pampas.

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Province of Buenos Aires

A traditional recreational destiny of the province of Buenos Aires, it is settled on the shores of a system of lagoons called «Lagunas Encadenadas» home to several water sports and fishing.

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City at water

Where River Parana joins Rio de la Plata, a delta full of islands and channels create an unique ecosystem for flora and fauna diversity.

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San Miguel del Monte

Oldest towns of the province

Located on the shores of Laguna de Monte (Monte Lagoon), a 740 hectares lagoon, this town of 22000 inhabitants is one of the oldest towns of the province of Buenos Aires, founded in 1864.

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