Enjoy a day at La Bandada to experience life in the Argentine countryside!

Upon arrival visitors will be welcomed with empanadas and drinks (a glass of wine, soft drink, or lemonade). While the barbecue is being cooked, there’s time to go for a walk or a horse ride around the ranch (up to 10 horses at the same time). By the time you come back the traditional barbecue will be ready: different types of meat, vegetables, and salads. In the afternoon you can enjoy traditional activities as a spectator, or, whoever is up for it can saddle up like a real gaucho! The day comes to a close with an afternoon snack consisting of tea and coffee, and you can try mate (traditional Argentinian drink) with local pastries.

Why visit La Bandada to live this experience?

Enjoy the ranch doing what you like most: a horse ride through the countryside, a bike ride or a walk, and learn more about the rural activities and traditions of the Argentinian countryside. When booking you can request to add a typical dance and/or music performance, or a guided visit to the nearby historic town of San Miguel del Monte.

Try the best barbecue Argentina’s pampas has to offer. We also have vegetarian/vegan options and can accommodate other specific requests.

A day in the countryside is a perfect idea for couples, families, and small groups of friends and co-workers. Groups are limited to 20 people to ensure privacy and comfort for all visitors. The day runs from 11am to 4pm.

We are just 120 km away from Buenos Aires and the whole route is paved. You can request to be picked up from your lodging when reserving.

Field day experience

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Grace Lopez
Phone and WhatsApp: +54 2226 51-2771
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Please note
Since we are far from the mobile and Wi-fi coverage area, we recommend using email or WhatsApp as the best options to contact us.

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Latitude: -35.4797058
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