About Hotel

La Bandada is a functioning ranch with pastures, farm animals, horses, alongside other rural activities. It is located 90 minutes away from Buenos Aires, and less than an hour away from Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza).

It is settled in the Humid Pampas, a geography featured by its flat and fertile grassland. The natural vegetation comprises meadows of high grass with isolated forests (locally referred to as montes).

The house, built by its original owner back in the 70’s, keeps the style of typical colonial style of XIXth century, painted in reddish colors. A paved patio introduces the road to the main entrance of the house. A long and wide windowed corridor links the entrance door, with the rooms, and at the end it opens to a very spacious living room and dining room, with fireplaces and furnished with detail and care.

The house has 5 guest rooms varying in both size and decor. There are two suites, one standard room, and two double bedroom apartments, each one having a living room and bathroom. The house can hold up to 14 guests.

There is central heating throughout the entire house, and its high ceilings keep it comfortably cool in the summer. One of the most striking architectural features of the house are its brick ceilings.

Surrounding area

The house is surrounded by a park of 10 hectares, full of a variety of very old trees, including centenarian platanus, oak trees, acacias, pines, chilean myrtles, laureles, and casuarinas. It is very pleasant to go for a walk around the park, visit the orchard, the hen houses, the goats, the horses and other farm animals. From the shadows of the trees to the open pampas near the orchard, there is a beautiful path to travel through while you get wrapped by the essence of local nature, its smells, its sights, its sounds!


Time for country food. Traditional, flavour-filled Argentinian recipes with fresh ingredients. All of our dishes have seasonal vegetables from our garden, which you can pick yourself! You can enjoy everything grown at the ranch during your stay: from fresh vegetables for salads, to fruit used to make breakfast jam.

Everyone knows that Argentinian beef is among the best in the world and La Bandada is no exception! The best cuts are set aside for our barbecues, prepared using typical local techniques.

Would you like to learn how to barbecue? Our expert barbecuer will let you in on their secrets, including our chimichurri recipe.


We are committed to protecting the environment and natural resources. La Bandada is a wildlife haven for a wide variety of birds, and other animals, who have limited land in other areas where intensive farming has forced them to migrate. La Bandada aims to become a sanctuary for its wildlife, and hopes that people visiting will be able to enjoy nature in all its glory.

We ensure that our work is sustainable to preserve natural resources, we give priority to organic agriculture, and we choose our partners in the value chain carefully.

Here are some of our policies:

  • Our team of collaborators: our priority is local, and this goes for hiring both staff and outsourced services, and buying from local suppliers, all to help the regional economy.
  • Our menu is seasonal and is prepared using lots of home-grown ingredients.
  • We encourage our guests to take part in the protection of resources and the love of nature. We use organic amenities stored in reusable dispensers.
  • We provide sustainable ways to learn about and explore the ranch, such as going on walks or horseback riding.
  • Our pool is maintained with non-chemical salts, an eco-friendly alternative that is softer on the skin.
  • Waste: We reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also use our biodegradable waste as compost, which works as a natural fertilizer for our garden.
  • Garden and farm: we have organic home-grown food products such as eggs, goat’s milk, honey, and chicken. We have a seed bank and produce our own natural insecticides.
  • We embrace local culture, and we encourage guests to take an interest in the history of San Miguel del Monte, and visit its craftspeople, museums, and other attractions.

About San Miguel del Monte

San Miguel del Monte was part of the first boundary lines laid down near the end of the 18th century between Buenos Aires and the indigenous, making it one of the oldest cities in the province today.

This is where Juan Manuel de Rosas, an influential Argentinian army officer and politician, led the establishment of a gaucho and farm worker militia called “los Colorados de Monte”. Their main goal was to fight the indigenous and cattle rustlers in Argentina’s pampas, but they also played a crucial role in the most important battles in Argentinian history.

Charles Darwin visited Rosas’s camp, and the locals he met there left a deep impression on him!

The layout of San Miguel del Monte is very similar to most Argentinian cities, featuring a main square with a colonial church dating back to 1892.

Monte is one of the most popular regions in Argentina for playing polo. Most of the rural areas have a polo field. It also has renowned polo horse breeding facilities (Haras), and polo academies, where major names of Argentinian polo have trained and played.

About us

We are an upbeat and dynamic team. We like when our guests feel at home. Many of us live in La Bandada or San Miguel del Monte. We are proud of our traditions and history, and we encourage you to learn more about them during your stay. We would love to make your stay an unforgettable one!

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Staying at Boutique hotel Estancia La Bandada will bring you a sense of tranquility, peace and serenity. You will feel that time runs slower here, and the rest of the world starts being further and further away. The sound of the pampas with its animals, its windmills, its breezes, the frogs and crickets chant at night, the smell of the grass and of humid soil of the rain to come, all these will, little by little, immerse yourself into the spirit of the pampas whom you will fall in love with!