Boutique hotel Estancia La Bandada, formerly Candelaria del Monte, is a 250 acres fully working farm just one hour and a half from Buenos Aires, and less than one hour from the International Airport Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza) in the Argentine Pampas.

It is settled in the Humid Pampas, a geography featured by its flat and fertile grassland. The natural vegetation comprises meadows of high grass with isolated forests (locally referred to as montes).

The house, built by its original owner back in the 70’s, keeps the style of typical colonial style of XIXth century, painted in reddish colors. A paved patio introduces the road to the main entrance of the house. A long and wide windowed corridor links the entrance door, with the rooms, and at the end it opens to a very spacious living room and dining room, with fireplaces and furnished with detail and care.


Big windows overview the park and the pool, and are connected with a large gallery with columns, full of climbing jazmines of nice smell. The house has 7 guest rooms with a variety of layouts. it has three private suites and two apartments with two bedrooms and a bathroom each. The total occupancy can be up to 14 people.

All the house has a central heating for winter, and very high roofs that make it very fresh in summer. One of the most notorious architectural details the house has are their roofs made of bricks.

Surrounding area

The house is surrounded by a park of 10 hectares, full of a variety of very old trees, including centenarian platanus, oak trees, acacias, pines, chilean myrtles, laureles, and casuarinas. It is very pleasant to go for a walk around the park, visit the orchard, the hen houses, the goats, the horses and other farm animals. From the shadows of the trees to the open pampas near the orchard, there is a beautiful path to travel through while you get wrapped by the essense of local nature,its smells, its sights, its sounds!

Colonial style interior
Colonial style interior
Hotel outside
Swimming pool


Our chef, Mariana Dacruz, has worked all around the world before arriving to La Bandada. With vast experience in Patagonia and abroad, this 30 year-old cheff is the spirit of the kitchen at the estancia. All our dishes include seasonal vegetables from the orchard, which can actually be collected by yourself! All the food grown at the estancia will eventually go through Mariana’s hands: from fresh vegetables to make salads to fruits that will be converted into your breakfast’s jam.

Everyone knows that Argentinian meat is one of the best in the world and it is not an exception at La Bandada! The best pieces of meat are chosen to be part of our asados, made by typical local techniques.

Unfortunately, we cannot assure you will not leave us with some extra weight!

Dinner in the open air
Dinner in the open air
Our dog Botcha
Dinner table
Dinner table


Candelaria del Monte

Nowhere is this more evident than at Candelaria del Monte, a colonial-style estancia where owner Sebastián Goñi encourages guests to go horseback riding, herd cattle, or watch a polo match.

Candelaria del Monte

Candelaria del Monte is surrounded by nearly 200 acres of Argentina’s famous pampas, vast pasturelands whose striking topography is broken only by occasional stands of eucalyptus.

Estancia Candelaria del Monte

A lovely estancia only 1.5 hours’ by road from the centre of Buenos Aires. With horses, a pool, plenty of open space, lovely home-cooked food and cool, cosy rooms, it’s a great place to relax after a few days in the city.


Hotel has been redecorated a couple of years ago in order to maintain the colonial style as a boutique hotel.

In 1819, Juan Manuel de Rosas (1793-1877) was a politician and army officer who ruled Buenos Aires Province and briefly the Argentine Confederation, acquired nearby the estancia «Los Cerrillos» in San Miguel del Monte. There, he organized a company that soon became a regiment of cavalry, the «Colorados del Monte», to push the Indians towards the West. Rosas’ camp was visited by Charles Darwin who was deeply impressed by the local characters he met there!

Monte town
Monte town


We live and work here, every employee of the hotel from the hostess to the chef does everything to make your vacation unforgettable. Here they are portraits of these people and here they are on the pics in real life.

Gatherings by the fire
Night hotel
Polo classes

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Staying at Boutique hotel Estancia La Bandada will bring you a sense of tranquility, peace and serenity. You will feel that time runs slower here, and the rest of the world starts being further and further away. The sound of the pampas with its animals, its windmills, its breezes, the frogs and crickets chant at night, the smell of the grass and of humid soil of the rain to come, all these will, little by little, immerse yourself into the spirit of the pampas whom you will fall in love with!