Plan your journey to Argentina!

Take a rest at the traditional Argentinian Estancia La Bandada after your all night long Tango in Buenos Aires. Enjoy the rancho and its amenities. Help yourself with some wine, meat and relax before you’ll continue your discovery.

No matter what you will see next — the glacial peaks of Patagonia, Bariloche Lake, or the wilds of Tierra del Fuego — the spirit of real Gaucho from La Bandada will stay with you forever!

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Two double rooms with a private living room and bathroom. Ideal for families and friends travelling together.

  • King sized bed
  • 2 rooms
  • Private living room

Two double rooms with a private living room and bathroom. Ideal for families and friends travelling together.

  • King sized bed
  • 2 rooms
  • Private living room

A very spacious room with big windows and a cozy private gallery and fireplace.

  • King sized bed
  • Fireplace
  • Sitting area

Our biggest room, the bed is super king size, and looks to a warm fireplace. The room combines classic furnishing with modern metal sculptures, giving the place a sense of eclecticism.

  • Super king-sized bed
  • Sitting area

A double room with private bathroom. A hall precedes the room decorated in a classic style.

  • King sized bed
  • Sitting area

Why we are special

You can help us to harvest (and eat!) some fruits


Hotel has been redecorated a couple of years ago in order to maintain the colonial style as a boutique hotel. Guests will have the feeling of leaving in this private estancia as in the days of the Colorados del Monte!

«When I opened the windows to let the country come in The pampa, the entire pampa was nothing but horizon»

— Olivero Girondo, poet

Enjoy scence of estanica

Right from your window you will enjoy the Pampa’s environment. From the smell of the flowers of jazmines climbing the columns of the galleries, to nesting birds singing for food, a horse neighing at a distance, the sight of an open park home to centennial trees ... nature is just there to be discovered!


All our dishes include seasonal vegetables from the orchard, which can actually be collected by yourself!

All the food grown at the estancia will eventually go through Mariana’s hands: from fresh vegetables to make salads to fruits that will be converted into your breakfast’s jam.


Polo lessons

Experience the «sport of kings», one of the most famous sports in Argentina! Learn how to play and get a taste of what playing polo is like, in a unique scenery of the Argentine Pampas.

A two hour Polo lesson where a pro introduces you in the fascinating world of Polo. We provide all the equipment, from the criollo horses, to the helmets and mallets. You need to know how to ride a horse, and the rest will be on us! The program includes rule clinics, riding lessons and stick and balling.

Cost: USD 150 per person

Includes: transfers in/out the Polo Field, horses, helmets and mallets.

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Horse back riding

Feel what it is like to really ride a horse at the argentine countryside!

Horses are a very important part of life of the farms. Join us for a ride throughout La Bandada! We have very well trained and easygoing horses, so you can enjoy a ride whether you have any previous experience or not. Ride along a path full of centennials trees until reaching the endless grasslands of the pampas.

Cost: 1 hour horse riding included in the lodging rate.

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Enjoy a massage on your body that will bring you back to life relieved and happy! A 45 minute massage by a professional masseur. You can choose between a decontracturant or a relaxing massage.

In the decontracturant massage the masseur will work on relaxing the muscles and dissolve contractures due to stress, poor posture or lack of rest.

In the relaxing massage, the masseur will work on relaxing your muscles, not treating ailments, although indirectly cause improvement in mild muscle problems.

Cost: USD 50 per person

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Orchard tour

If you like organic food, our orchard is the best place to learn how the process of growing vegetables works.

The orchard follows the rhythm of nature. Each season is different and the tasks to do change together with them. Different vegetables to taste and harvest, and others to be planted. From tomates to lettuce, from strawberries to fruit trees, all of them are there for you to enjoy.

You can help us with our daily works at the orchard such as watering, planting, harvesting, pruning or just wandering around the vegetable beds identifying the different crops.

Cost: included in the lodging rate.

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Cooking classes

Discover the behind the scenes of our kitchen for hands-on training with our chef!

A culinary experience that gives you the opportunity to learn hands-on in the kitchen, where our chef will teach you about traditional argentine cooking methods, ingredients and seasonal tastes. You can choose from a variety of recipes, such as empanadas, pasteles, tortas fritas and buñuelos! No previous experience is required! And of course, what you cook will be served in your next meal!

Cost: USD 150 per person.

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Romantic picnic

Spend the afternoon at a hidden corner of the farm enjoying nature, while you taste the delicatessen of our chef with a countryside view.

There is a little house, with roof of grass near the orchard, which is a lovely place where to sit and enjoy of an open view to the pampas. An unforgettable cozy spot to share with that special person accompanying you.

Cost: USD 30 per person.

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Bird watching circuit

La Bandada is an exceptional place for birdwatching. All the trees around the park give place for birds to nest, as well as our nearby lagoon.

Take the binoculars and the Bird’s Guide and follow our check list of most common birds in the area. A self-guided program that places you as a professional birdwatcher, looking for hummingbirds, cardinals, horneros, herons, storks, sparrows, tropical screech oils, southern screamers, coscoroba swans, black necked swans, woodpeckers, fork tailed flycatchers, and a variety of over 15 ducks, such as cinnamon teal, yellow billed pintail, white-faced whistling duck and southern wigeon.

Cost: included on the lodging rate.

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Spend one of the most important moments of your life at La Bandada, in a Traditional Argentinian Estancia.

With a five room colonial house for lodging the groom and bride and their family, a 10 hectares park surrounded by centennial trees, an olympic swimming pool and the environment of the argentine pampas all around, Hotel La Bandada is just what you are looking for your perfect wedding!

Contact us for a personalised budget:
Email: [email protected]
Phone and WhatsApp: +54 2226 51-2771

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Evening «Guitarreada»

If you are interest about local music, a «guitarreada» is the best way to experience how argentines enjoy a night of «asado» by the fire.

Local music such as chamame, zambas, gatos and escondidos are performed by a group of musicians that play the guitar, the drums, accordion and the violin.

This is a service on demand!

Cost: USD 350

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Reviews & photos our clients

Gordon M. Lanark, UK
27 february 2018

WOW, just wow, something very special!

My wife and I enjoyed 3 nights here at the end of a very busy holiday to Brazil, Argentina and Antarctica and it was a great choice.

The staff team were very responsive to all requests and seemed to be always there when you wanted something but always invisible when you wanted some peace and quiet to relax, just what we like.

SaucyTango Irvine, CA
24 january 2018


We fell in love with the property and the staff immediately, Great horses, great food, top notch, personalized service. Yes please! They happily accomodated our wish to ride twice daily and while the rides are definitely geared towards the comfort of beginners, the staff had no problem customizing rides for more experienced riders, such as myself.

Linda469 Tarrytown, New York
9 december 2017

Bucket list: experience life on an Argentinian estancia. DONE

We went to Buenos Aires for a family wedding and we're looking for something different to do for a few days. Our dream of experiencing life on a farm/ranch in Argentina came true at Candalaria del Monte. The house and rooms were amazing, with furnishings of the locale. Food was beyond excellent, and we gave our personal compliments to the chef.

Xagas Sydney, Australia
23 march 2017


The hotel is brilliant - a beautiful, expansive building set in parklands. The decor is a little rustic but luxurious, the rooms large, and a large common area. Away from the main building are the pool house, stables and staff quarters. The pool is fantastic. The whole place was spotless and generally very comfortable.

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Hotel La Bandada is only 80 km from the International Airport, «Ministro Pistarini», locally known as «Ezeiza», like the city where it is located. Almost the whole trip will be done on the highway. Depending on the traffic, the trip takes around an hour.

You can take the route from Minister Pistarini international airport (known as «Ezeiza») to La Bandada Hotel by car.