Argentina’s pampas are a green haven that stretch as far as the eye can see and are a must-see on your trip to Argentina.

Gauchos, cowboys native to the region, used to gallop the entire distance from end to end. Their silhouette would fade away over the horizon behind a great cloud of dust, with only the odd river or stream stopping them. Land suited to raising cattle and growing crops. In 1846 they started to build fences, ranches, engage in agriculture, and plant trees. The never-ending countryside was transformed by farming, but the traditions of rural life are still around today and you can learn about them when visiting.

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Two double rooms with a private living room and bathroom. ‘Las Garzas’ means ‘herons’ in Spanish. Thus the interior design is inspired by a view of the white herons on the waters of a blue lake. Ideal for families and friends travelling together.

  • King or twin sized beds
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Private living room

Two double bedrooms with a private living room and bathroom. The dominant color of the interior is orange - the color of the rising sun in the early morning. Ideal for families and friends travelling together.

  • King or twin sized beds
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Private living room

A very spacious room with big windows, cozy private gallery and a terrific lounge area with a fireplace. Decorated in a classic style, it evokes the main room of the owner of a estancia.

  • King sized bed
  • Fireplace
  • Lounge area

Our biggest room, the bed is super king size, and looks to a warm fireplace. The room combines classic furnishing with modern metal sculptures, giving the place a sense of eclecticism.

  • Super King-sized bed
  • Fireplace
  • Lounge area

Adouble room with private bathroom. A hall precedes the room decorated in a classic style.

  • King sized bed
  • Sitting area

Why we are special

Colonial style

La Bandada is a 19th century colonial style house, a place of simple elegance. It was renovated in 2017 preserving its traditional old-fashioned look and spell.

Both roomy and cozy, guests love to rest and read here. Long verandas keep the house at a comfortable temperature, and are the perfect place for spending the afternoon, reading, or trying your luck at a traditional Argentinian game called El Sapo.

The main house is tucked away in a lush grove, dominated by towering banana trees, poplar trees, pine trees, and ginkgo-bilobas, which turn deep yellow in autumn.


Enjoy the feel of the pampas from the windows of La Bandada. From the smell of the jasmine climbing the veranda columns, to the sound of birds singing here and there, a horse neighing in the distance, as you gaze out onto the vast open park home to ancient trees — nature is there to be discovered!

Our cuisine

Time for country food. Traditional, flavour-filled recipes with fresh ingredients straight from our garden, with guests joining the chef in picking the fruit and vegetables. At the La Bandada dinner table you’re guaranteed to find homemade dulce de leche and juicy empanadas, with everyone wanting to bring the recipe back home.

Details that make the difference

Each room in the house has a unique design and decoration. Whether in front of the living room fireplace or curled up in your room, you’re sure to find a nice spot to enjoy a coffee, read, or have an enjoyable chat.

«When I opened the windows to let the country come in The pampa, the entire pampa was nothing but horizon»

— Olivero Girondo, poet



Reviews from our visitors

Gordon M. Lanark, UK
27 february 2018

WOW, just wow, something very special!

My wife and I enjoyed 3 nights here at the end of a very busy holiday to Brazil, Argentina and Antarctica and it was a great choice.

The staff team were very responsive to all requests and seemed to be always there when you wanted something but always invisible when you wanted some peace and quiet to relax, just what we like.

SaucyTango Irvine, CA
24 january 2018


We fell in love with the property and the staff immediately, Great horses, great food, top notch, personalized service. Yes please! They happily accomodated our wish to ride twice daily and while the rides are definitely geared towards the comfort of beginners, the staff had no problem customizing rides for more experienced riders, such as myself.

Linda469 Tarrytown, New York
9 december 2017

Bucket list: experience life on an Argentinian estancia. DONE

We went to Buenos Aires for a family wedding and we're looking for something different to do for a few days. Our dream of experiencing life on a farm/ranch in Argentina came true at Candalaria del Monte. The house and rooms were amazing, with furnishings of the locale. Food was beyond excellent, and we gave our personal compliments to the chef.

Xagas Sydney, Australia
23 march 2017


The hotel is brilliant - a beautiful, expansive building set in parklands. The decor is a little rustic but luxurious, the rooms large, and a large common area. Away from the main building are the pool house, stables and staff quarters. The pool is fantastic. The whole place was spotless and generally very comfortable.


La Bandada is only 80 km from the International Airport, «Ministro Pistarini», locally known as «Ezeiza». The whole trip will be done on a paved highway. Depending on the traffic, the trip takes around an hour.

La Bandada is only 120 km away. It is easy to access. The whole trip is by highway or paved road. Depending on traffic, the trip takes about an hour and 45 minutes.